Arize Hotel

Arize Hotel was launched its first branch on Sukhumvit 26 Road

The main target is Japanese expatriates. Later on the owners anticipated the opportunity in Sriracha where there is an industrial estate in the area, plus it is a strong base of Japanese business people.

the lobby

On the second floor, there is a bridge connecting to all day dining area as a loop which is convenient for usage. The glass which encloses this floor is designed to be semi-transparent giving a hint of a Japanese paper door, “Shoji”.

The top of the podium locates the new experienced swimming pool that guest can swim around the building and courtyard below. Therefore, the tree court could be easily seen from many spots in the podium.

The hotel consists of 379 guestrooms.

In order to serve the long stay guests, in some room types, there are additional facilities and space further than the standard hotel.

Meanwhile, the design of the hotel should conform with context and characteristic of beach city.